Everyday Things Women Do That Men Don’t Have To Worry About

1. Carrying your keys in your hand as a “weapon” when walking alone at night.

2. Turning your headphones off to make sure you’re not being followed.
3. Nailing the “I’m-walking-quickly-but-not-so-quick-that-you’ll-sense-my-fear” pace when someone is behind you.
4. Calling friends when alone in a taxi/Uber in order to feel safe.
5. Or texting them your driver’s details “just in case”.
6. Messaging them when you get home to let them know you’re OK.
7. Sitting near other women on public transport to minimise the risk of being harassed/attacked.
8. Avoiding being out altogether if it’s too early in the morning or too late at night because it doesn’t seem safe.
9. Pretending to be on the phone in any number of situations to avoid harassment.

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