Dark Web Marketplace Offers Remote Access to Corporate PCs for $3-15 Each


Posted on: October 30, 2017

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Ultimate Anonymity Services offers more than 35,000 RDPs for sale, including about 300 from the U.S. Flashpoint researchers report that Dark Web marketplaces selling access to compromised Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) servers have become increasingly popular over the past few years -- including RDPs sourced from healthcare, education and government entities. One online shop, UAS (Ultimate Anonymity Services), in operation since February 2016, offers more than 35,000 brute forced RDPs for sale -- 7,216 from China, 6,143 from Brazil, 3,062 from India, 1,335 from Spain and 929 from Colombia, among others. UAS offers about 300 U.S.-based RDPs, with notable concentrations in Ashburn, Virginia (52 RDPs), Franklin County, Ohio (52 RDPs), Santa Clara County, California (43 RDPs), Clackamas County, Oregon (36 RDPs) and Alameda County, California (30 RDPs). "Such concentration possibly indicates opportunistic exploitation of a handful of companies utilizing multiple RDPs; it is likely that these companies have lax security measures, leading to a greater number of vulnerable RDPs," the researchers note. Read More

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