Five random things we spend our cash on that make international aid appear like pocket change

The amount of money all of us spent on airline luggage expenses for the past 12 months is greater than the amount needed to save the lives of two million little children.

We spent $3.1 billion on luggage charges in 2016 on top of our actual tickets so that U.S. primarily based airlines could transport our crap (what an enterprise!). It’s one billion more bucks than what is needed to stay on the right track with our worldwide nutrition goals. If governments, corporations, and donors around the world spent a further $2 billion yearly over the following 10 years, we could save 2.2 million lives and decrease stunting in 50 million kids. 50 MILLION KIDS!

Isn’t that quite wild to consider?

Right now, malnutrition is killing three million kids a year, contributing to 45% of all deaths of children below five years old, and costing our world billions of dollars in lost productivity.

Did I point out this is absolutely preventable?

Here are 5 random expenses that show why investing $2.2 billion in our future generations should be a no brainer:

1. Americans spent close to a billion dollars on UNUSED gift cards in 2015.

More specificallythat is $973 million that is simply……is there…..unused…..on digital form!! It is simply hanging out in a virtual retail cloud somewhereready for use on clothing or appliances that, ironicallymay simply remain unused. Read more here……


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