Inside Ahead, ex-Googler Adrian Aoun’s concept for the medical professional’s workplace of the longer term


Posted on: February 27, 2017

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Forward, a new type of futuristic doctors office launched its first location in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district at the beginning of this year. Some in the health industry have had their doubts about a doctor’s office with propriety tools like a body scanner, stethoscope and its own in-house lab. So we asked founder and former Googler Adrian Aoun to show us around the place. Of course, seeing and testing are two different things. We can’t validate these proprietary tools for ourselves at this point and we still don’t know how much Aoun’s startup has raised so far, but hopefully enough to ensure its fancy tools give patients an accurate read. What we do know is Forward has taken in money from quite a few solid venture firms like Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, First Round Capital, SV Angel as well as angel investors John Doerr, Eric Schmidt, Marc Benioff, Garrett Camp, Aaron Levie and Joe Lonsdale so one would hope they did their due diligence on this new endeavor. Read Extra

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