Kellyanne Conway introduced ‘alternative data’ about feminism to CPAC. Let’s clear that up.


Posted on: February 25, 2017

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She may additionally no longer be a feminist, and that's Good enough. But let's get just a few issues straight.

Many phrases can describe counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway, but "feminist" isn't considered one of them. Just ask her.

Speaking on the Conservative Political Motion Convention (CPAC), Conway mentioned what it was want to be the first lady to control a a success presidential crusade. The dialogue, facilitated via conservative commentator Mercedes Schlapp, eventually centered across the label "feminist," and no matter if Conway regarded herself one. She does not, and she counseled that feminists "in a basic experience" are "anti-male" and "pro-abortion."

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Speaking of feminism from an purpose perspective, Conway's probably correct no longer to declare that title for herself.

Prior to working for the Trump crusade, Conway's most neatly-known customer became then-Representative Todd Akin from Missouri, a man who torpedoed his shot at profitable a Senate seat when he justified his opposition to abortion, even in instances of rape and incest, by asserting, "If it’s a sound rape, the female physique has methods to are attempting to close that entire element down."

In the previous, Conway also counseled that "femininity is changing feminism as a number one attribute for American ladies," and she has observed, "If women actually need to be taken seriously within the workforce this present day, looking female is a great way to delivery."

More lately, Conway has counseled that perhaps moms should not take roles within the White Apartment. She additionally criticized a 17-year-old lady for asking how Conway rationalized working for somebody facing distinctive sexual assault accusations, and she "didn't see the element" in the Ladies's March on Washington.

Conway speaks at CPAC on Feb. 23, 2017. Photo via Mike Theiler/AFP/Getty Photos.

If she doesn't need to name herself a feminist, that's exceptional. What's not exceptional is the mischaracterization of who feminists are and what they stand for.

First off, feminists (as a gaggle) aren't "anti-male." Maybe some people are, but it's no longer some core requirement. Conway once observed, "I challenge anyone to exhibit me the place [man-hating] is no longer half and parcel of the feminist circulate." And, while some feminists may additionally very well name their views "pro-abortion," a more correct view of the broader feminist inhabitants could be that they consider selections about what individuals do with their our bodies are finest left as much as them — and no longer the govt.

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Nor do feminists, as a gaggle, see themselves as victims of circumstance, something Conway has observed on distinctive activities. Feminists without difficulty renowned that obstacles stay in the combat for gender equality. The pay hole, sexism within the place of work, and a number of other considerations stand between the area we are living in now and a world with gender equality.

None of here's to claim that it's inconceivable for a girl to be triumphant on the earth. Conway is proof that, yes, women can discover success and obtain their desires.

But simply as Obama being elected president didn't shut the e book on racism, a handful of a success women does not sign the conclusion of sexism.

Conway does not must be a feminist. But the leisure of us received't hand over unless we now have reached actual equality for all ladies of all a while, all races, all religions, and all sexualities.

Conway is interviewed via Schlapp right through CPAC. Photo via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Photos.

Watch Conway's full CPAC interview beneath.

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