Concerns with the new Nintendo Swap controllers

Some members of the press, have had Nintendo’s switch console for some days now in advance of its March 3 launch.  And some members of the press, have mentioned problems with the left joy-Con controller. Left shark could be (even greater) ashamed if this was 2015.

The left joy-Con controller, appears to sometimes register motion with a delay. Even though it was initially suspected to be a synchronization problemcloser inspection via YouTube channel GameXplain suggests that it may much more likely be an occlusion problem depending on how the controller is gripped or placedand in factin that caseit is a problem that might affect each controllers.

If that is indeed the cause for the problem every body who has experienced it is reporting, the blocked IR signal/problem can affect each joy-Con controllers, however is possibly more touchy on the left, blue joy-Con controller. it is also well worth noting that the best game anyone can test this out on presently is the brand new Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, which is likewise shaping up to be a superb game. Read more…


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