These visually mind-blowing posters have been designed to display what already makes America brilliant.


Posted on: February 25, 2017

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Spoiler alert: America is already remarkable.

In response to the strategies used via the current birthday party in vigour, many corporations and companies have assembled to combat the "alternative truth" that The USA isn't remarkable already.

One of those corporations is the Creative Motion Community, founded via Max Slavkin and Aaron Perry-Zucker, and their message is simple and strong:

"Creative Motion Community is a worldwide group of artists and designers, making artwork with goal. We run crowdsourced campaigns around reasons. Anyone and everybody is welcome to make a contribution their own fashioned, visual, meaningful work. We then boost these designs into print, apparel, and different items, and promote them right here in our on-line store and thru our retail companions, supporting artists and reasons with each buy."

One of their latest campaigns is "What Makes America Remarkable." It completely encapsulates, visually, what we're all pondering.

We spoke to Slavkin, a former Upworthy worker, about Creative Motion Community's plan to release one hundred posters by one hundred artists over the first one hundred days of the Trump presidency, while raising cash for DreamCorps, a social justice accelerator created via former (Obama) White Apartment guide Van Jones.

The improvement, as Slavkin explains, is two-fold, "On a extra tactical degree, we hope to elevate some cash for DreamCorps, and on a deeper degree, we really hope to shift lots of people's frame of mind from worry and nervousness to 1 of extra hope and occasion."

Amazing artists have taken half in this crusade, including Juana Medina, who is illustrating the newest assignment via the latest U.S. Poet Laureate.

DreamCorps is ecstatic to be a part of this.

A observation from Jeremy Hays, chief engagement officer for DreamCorps, said partly: "Art is the soul of the stream. Art and artists aid us join our heads with our hearts as a way to see with new point of view our struggles, possibilities, and electricity. We are proud to take part in this crusade and to share this artwork with the hundreds of individuals who make up The USA’s #LoveArmy."

Over three,000 companies have mobilized because inauguration, and they're doing fascinating work. Creative Motion Community is proof there is a spot for compassion, hope, and occasion.

This is a stream full of artwork, fundraising, activism, and most significantly, a occasion of what already makes America remarkable.

For more guidance, visit the Creative Motion Community.

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